Meditation is for everybody!   Why?   Because anyone can do it, everyday, even you!   And if you do you'll feel benefits such as:

*relief from stress    *release from anxiety      *better sleep *increased energy   *healthier body   *happier mind   *pain relief     *boost immunity   *enhance relationships    *increase focus        *sports performance   *inspire creativity   *encourage confidence *beat addictions    *reduce medication    *aid physical ailments

Now acknowledged in the medical world with proven beneficial effects on physical and mental ailments through clinical scientific studies, meditation is seen as an invaluable tool in the recovery from illness and maintenance of well-being.

Whether you are a busy parent,  overloaded businessperson, concerned employer or teacher, stressed student, depressed or anxious being, scatter-brained artist, tethered free spirit, lost soul or just wanting to know more about how to make your life infinitely happier and healthier, you're in the right place.

"I tried meditation once and didn't like it- I couldn't do it"

There are 100's of techniques of meditation... which one will be right for you?

Transcendental Meditation (TM) - Mindfulness - MBSR  - Metta  Metta Bhavana - Loving-Kindness - Compassion  - Yoga - Mantra  Vipassana - Chanting - Contemplative Visualisation - Guided  Conscious Breathing - Grounding - Zen arts - Action Meditation  Chanting - Singing - Dancing Taoist - Buddhist - Christian Hindu - Sufi - non-religious - Simran - Preksha - Hatsurei Ho  Qigong - Zazen -  Focussed Attention - Open Monitoring...

...and many, many more!

Contact Kellie here to find out more about the many techniques of meditation and how to find out which one willfit into your lifestyle, family, group or organisation.