If you can breathe, you can meditate!  Therapist, teacher and meditation tutor Kellie Gilmour shows you just how easy the techniques can be and how to incorporate meditation effortlessly into your lifestyle. 

There's no need to sit crossed-legged, wear beads or chant in ancient Sanskrit, you can easily meditate while sitting in your favourite chair, at your desk, walking, dancing, even singing!

You can choose one-to-one tuition, group courses or tailor-made activities for your workplace, school or organisation;  from private appointments, one-day workshops or ongoing weekly  support sessions, contact Kellie here today to get started!

Designed specifically for beginners, people that have tried meditation but think they can't do it, and anyone interested in getting to know about the many different kinds of meditation out there (there are hundreds!) to find the right technique for you.
Over six weeks you will explore different techniques and what is achieved by each practise; relaxation, awareness, mindfulness, transcendence of thought, spiritual connection or the aid of physical or mental ailments, to name just a few!
When you find a technique that you feel comfortable with and would like to progress you can be referred on to the relevant schools and teachers in order to be correctly trained, but the course itself will give you many tools in which to simply dive straight in and carry on with meditation by yourself with no further training!                                              This course can be adapted to fit your organisation, workplace or school easily.